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Interviews and music clips of kids In Ministry!

Enjoy TRUE stories of kids serving Jesus by serving people.

      Not “Reality TV”...Better...

                            These are happy people

                                            with awesome talents!  :{)

              kids from around the house

                and around the world!

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Library of Kids In Ministry:

NAME                              GROUP

Caleb Frazier                Psalm100

The Allen Family

Logan Smith

Rosie Cooper            Cooper Family

The Erwin Family

The Rochester Family

Haley, Andy Patillo     David Patillo

Fayth, Samuel Lore      Lore Family

Meredith Watts    “Ebony Mare” book

Stanton Watts               (pianist)

Weaver Believers        (Bluegrass)

(more coming soon)

NAME                            GROUP

McClellan Sisters             (4 sisters)

Christian booth          Booth Brothers

Seth, Jacob Sneed      Sneed family

Tica Family                (missionaries)

Eli Fortner               The McKamey’s

Twice Adopted    10 singing children!

Red Roots                        (3 sisters)

Riley Clark               Tribute Quartet

(more coming soon)


Welcome To NQC by Bro.Edweird and nephew

                                                Luke Blevins

“Barney Fife” at NQC

The Creation Museum - Jason Goff                

Lou Wills Hildreth (JGM friend, legendary singer)

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Many more interviews are on the way. Video editing is a very involved process.

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Library of Special Features:

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