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Weary of the media noise with it’s vulgarity and attitude????

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Come see the difference Jesus can make in today’s kids!

...Positive, Clean, Encouraging, Wholesome, funny, respectful and very talented...Come experience Junior Gospel Music!!!

           This stage RESERVED for kids 19 and younger!!! 


“JGM Connected”  &  “JGM Special Features”

- INTERVIEWS and music clips of our friends.

Junior Gospel Music is your source for Christian Kids In Ministry! Watch their interviews and hear their heart to serve Jesus as singers, musicians, missionaries,

songwriters and just hard workers; but all servants of our Lord Jesus Christ! 

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“JGM Concert Series” - Music/Mission ACTION videos        

Junior Gospel Music is your source for Christian kids in music and missions.  Click

the “Action” tab above to view kids both in concert and actively serving in missions.

**Great resources for churches and schools: TRUE stories of real Kids In Ministry!**




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